New Album! - 11/21/2012


1 - Echoes of Silence
2 - Endless Tyrannies
3 - Dead to this World
4 - Respect Existence or Expect Resistance
5 - Waiting to Exhale
6 - Death Descends (Upon this World)
7 - Colors of Hate
8 - No Place for the Cross
9 - Unstoppable Slaughter

Cover: Andrei Bouzikov
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Stage One Studio, Germany.
Produced por Andy Classen.

"Scenarios of Brutality" will be released by Kill Again Records.

Check out Endless Tyrannies, a new song,  at:

All songs are about recent conflicts and the political reality of South America. More details soon.

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07.7.2012.Wermelskirchen(DE) - AJZ Bahndamm
08.7.2012.Arnhem(NL) - Willemeen
09.7.2012.Brusseles(BE) - DNA
10.7.2012.Paris(FRA) - Le Klub
11.7.2012.Angers(FRA) - La Conserverie
13.7.2012.San Sebastian(SP) - festival
14.7.2012.Oviedo(SP) - Sala Kandela
15.7.2012.Panoias-Braga(POR) - Dinaamo
16.7.2012.Granada(SP) - venue TBA
17.7.2012.Barcelona(SP) - Sala Begood
19.7.2012.Bologna(ITA) - Atlantide
20.7.2012.Komen(SLO) - Metal Mania fest
21.7.2012.Milan(ITA) - Blue Rose Saloon


We only got 15 days, my friends, cause we still got record a new album in Germany and we only got one month of vacation from our shitty day jobs.

It's summer time, so if we are not going to play in your city, maybe a little trip can be quite pleasant. hehe.

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Tribute to Ratos de Porão - 03/27/2012

Violator will participate in a tribute to Ratos de Porão with a version to "Igreja Universal". The recordings will happen in the next days. More news soon!

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Scenarios_of_brutality Scenarios of Brutality (2013 - Full-lenght)

Recorded, mixed and mastered in july of 2012 at Stage One Studio, Borgentreich - Germany. Produced by Andy Classen and Violator.

All lyrics and songs by Violator.

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Songs   (Click to expand)
1 - Echoes of Silence  (03:59)
2 - Endless Tyranies  (04:26)
3 - Dead to this World  (03:45)
4 - Respect Existence or Expect Resistance  (03:57)
5 - Waiting to Exhale  (04:59)
6 - Death Descends (Upon this World)  (02:46)
7 - Colors of Hate  (03:49)
8 - No Place for the Cross  (04:14)
9 - Unstoppable Slaughter  (05:23)

Raging_thrash Raging Thrash (2010 - Split)

Split 7 "EP beetween the bands Hirax and Violator, each band featuring with one song. Violator features with "Futurephobia" originaly from "Annihilation Process" and Hir... |  read more

Songs   (Click to expand)
1 - Baptized by Fire (Hirax)  (04:18)
2 - Futurephobia  (04:37)

Capa_annihilation_process_m Annihilation Process (2010 - EP)

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered during the year 2009 at Orbis Studio - Taguatinga/DF, Brazil.

Produced by Violator. Mixed and Mastered by Marcos "Beiçola" Pagani. Sound Engennerin... |  read more

Songs   (Click to expand)

Capachemicalassaultaltaresolucao Chemical Assault (2006 - Full-lenght)

Recorded, mixed and Masterized in the first semester of 2006 at Orbis Studio, Taguatinga/DF - Brazil.

Produced by Violator and Marcos Pagani. Mixed and Masterized by Marcos Pagani.

... |  read more

Songs   (Click to expand)
1 - Atomic Nightmare  (03:39) | Download
2 - UxFxTx (United for Thrash)  (03:38)
3 - Destined to Die  (04:40) | Download
4 - Addicted to Mosh  (03:25)
5 - Brainwash Possession  (03:25)
6 - Ordered to Thrash  (02:54)
7 - Toxic Death  (03:32) | Download
8 - Lethal Injection  (03:12)
9 - The Plague Returns  (03:34)
10 - After Nuclear Devastation  (05:02)

Violent_war Violent War (2005 - Split)

Rerelease of the titles "Violent Mosh" from Violator and "Invincible War" from Bywar released by KillAgain Records in a 2 on 1 cd.

Cover art by Daniel Mc.

Capa Violent Mosh (2004 - EP)

Produced by Violator.

Recorded, mixed and masterized by Marcos Pagani in february and march of 2004 at Orbis Studio, Taguatinga/DF - Brazil.

Engeneered by Riti "Santiago&quo... |  read more

Songs   (Click to expand)
1 - Let The Violation Begin  (04:40)
2 - Thrash Maniacs  (03:57)
3 - Artillery Attack  (04:25) | Download
4 - The Plague Never Dies  (04:49) | Download
5 - Massacre (Taurus Cover) *  (04:18)
6 - The Shadow of Death *  (05:48)
7 - Killer Instinct *  (04:37)

Fast_food_thrash_metal Fast Food Thrash Metal (2003 - Split)

4 way split featuring the bands Violator, Revival, Tsavo e Temenon.

Recorded, mixed and masterized in march of 2003 at ME Estúdio by Dr. ED.

Special featuring in Thrash Maniacs b... |  read more

Songs   (Click to expand)
1 - Killer Instinct  (04:35)
2 - Thrash Maniacs  (03:45)
3 - The Shadow of Death  (05:48)

Killer_instinct Killer Instinct (2002 - Demo)

Demo recorded live in may 2002 at Jams Studio - Brasília/DF Brasil.

Logo by Titão Brasil.

Songs   (Click to expand)
1 - The Battle of The Broken Heads  (04:33)
2 - Killer Instinct  (03:49)
3 - Slave Machine  (04:02)
4 - Blind Legion  (03:55)


Brasília - Brasil
55(61) 34684956
SHIN Qi 04 conjunto 08 casa 05. Postal Code: 81510-280. Brasília/DF - Brasil

About Violator

To contact us about concerts e-mail us to:
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Poney - Screams and BassCambito - GuitarsBatera - DrumsCapaça - Guitars

VIOLATOR - It's time to Annihilate!

“Appearing in 2002, even before the rebirth of thrash metal scene worldwide, Violator was formed with the purpose of rescuing the spontaneity and anger that seemed forgotten in the metal scene. Coming from the center Brazil, Brasilia, took no longer than a demo and two compilations for the band to be considered one of the good promises of the style in Brazil. But make no mistake, Violator is not just another thrash revival band.

If metal were an exact science, we might say that these four maniac kids raised the extreme aggression of Kreator at the potency Paul Baloff, multiplying the inventiveness and precision of Sacrifice and Vio-Lence on a basis that sum Anthrax and Whiplash in equal doses. The goal of Poney Ret (b/v), Caçapa (g), Cambito (g) and Batera (d) is to seek riffic excellence, never compromising the thrashin' violence of their compositions. So many proficiency called the attention of Rolldão, from the local label Kill Again Recs, who in 2004 decided to launch what would be the second demo in EP Violent Mosh. There could be no more appropriate name. The material was released on tape in Bolivia and on vinyl in Germany.

Supporting the release of the EP, the four violators launched a nationwide travel, the Moshing With Violence Tour 2005, which crossed the northeast of Brazil and took them to the middle of the Amazon rainforest (!!!). To witness Violator on stage is certainly to receive a lesson in violence you will not forget anytime soon. But the extremism of the quartet is in the ability to mix different feelings such as anger and fun, in a flurry of stage dives, moshs and genuine old school feeling: no barriers between band and audience, all united by and for the thrash. This was precisely the theme of this first full length album, Chemical Assault, 2006, licensed by Earache Records in Europe.

Soon after the release of this album, Violator embarked on another tour. But this time, something unprecedented in the brazilian thrash scene. There were five consecutive months in which the quartet took their sound on each forgotten piece of South America. Combining the passion for the underground, the rush of tearing down borders and the do-it-yourself ethics, the band stormed across the continent ruthlessly. And the road seems to be the reason for these brazilians, because this tour was followed by several other presentations that took Violator to parts of Europe and even Japan. The concerts in Asia led to the recording of a DVD and a 7" split with the thrash metal legend, Hirax.

After having shared the stage with big names in the metal world and be hailed as the new third-world sensation of thrash, the group now releases their more visceral work: Annihilation Process, the longed-awaited successor of Chemical Assault. An album even more aggressive and antisocial, with a thematic that deepens the political side of the band in lyrics about the relationship between rampant consumerism and degradation of the planet promoted by capitalism.

At this point, you certainly expect to read that the Violator is ready to conquer the world, right? Wrong. What these four thrashers really want is to annihilate any kind of throne or altar. As mentioned, they are not your typical thrash metal band.”

                                                                                  By Luiz Menezes


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